We are for Charity

VCare.Earth was born and established immediately after the global pandemic has called upon the world to help protect and safeguard lives. In these unprecedented times, the COVID-19 has spread and infected over 1,350,000 people from all backgrounds of age, ethnicity, race and religion.

Our Journey Together,
to Kill the Novel Coronavirus

VCare.Earth is willing and able, to provide the necessary solutions which are in demand globally. We are here to stay today, in the medium, and for the long term period. Together, with our clients, we are all stepping into the unknown future in bid to defeat the Novel Coronavirus.

Unprecedented times and moving forward, our clients who order through us will be directly contributing to the charitable cause. For every purchase you make, you are directly helping to safeguard the most vulnerable men, women and children.

Therefore, VCare.Earth has opened its doors not only for business, and are proud to say that we are committed to donating 1% of the full product sales of our transactions to charities and for charity campaigns, in our endless efforts to change the world for the better.

Together, VCare.Earth and our clients, will help make a sustainable difference and help protect lives.


Team VCare.Earth

9 / April / 2020