VCare.Earth is Introducing a New FFP3 Respirator Product


JAN 21, 2021

VCare.Earth is a global supplier of respiratory and personal protective equipment products to its customers worldwide. They also and provide essential, premium medical and healthcare products and equipment, thereby supporting the safety of individuals, communities, and businesses. The respirators supplier company has introduced a new headband wearing style respirator named “SUE” for health care, sanitary, Industrial utilization.

VCare.Earth came into existence during the rise of the global pandemic Novel Coronavirus. The Company has introduced its latest foldable type FFP3 respirator 9C SUE, with a range of disposable Air-Purifying Respirators (APR). This is a headband type respirator made up of material composition non-woven (66.7%), melt-blown fabric (33.3%), recommended for use in manufacturing industries. This new FFP3 SUE respirator can also be used with the scope of application in Pandemic Prevention (COVID19), Agriculture, Mining and Quarrying, Building and Construction, Foundry, Iron and steel industry, Automotive and Part Manufacturer, Textile Industries, Wood Industries.

VCare.Earth has presented this new FFP3 SUE when the demand for high-quality respirators is at an all-time high. The company has a policy that everything they manufacture or supply must be of highest standards and affordable to global consumers. The new FFP3 SUE has multi-layer protection for the user's enhanced safety, easily breathable, and low respiratory resistance. The PPE safety equipment suppliers company has manufactured this new foldable type FFP3 respirator SUE, with the skin-friendly non-woven material for the maximum comfort level, which is adjustable to fit the face design. These are disposable and not reusable.

Below are the detailed features & benefits of this new FFP3 SUE respirator:-

  • Protects against novel coronavirus.
  • Protects against virus, bacteria, tuberculosis
  • Protects against moderate levels of dust
  • Protects against solid and liquid aerosols
  • Applicable for plastering and sanding
  • Ultra-Lightweight respirator
  • Multi-layer filtering protection

VCare.Earth is a premium medical and healthcare products supplier dedicated to providing high-quality and economical personal protective products to local and worldwide B2B customers. Its high-quality personal protective products are manufactured with the highest safety criteria in regulated sites that adhere to GMP manufacturing, GDP distribution, environmental standards, and labeling requirements. VCare.Earth uses world-class systems to ensure the medical equipment is produced according to the standards. Why do organic respirators work better than surgical masks? Because they are designed to filter not only particles but also microorganisms, fibers, mists, and aerosols. They contain an activated charcoal filter, which is commonly found in air purifiers. This filter absorbs the contaminants and allergens and prevents them from entering the body, thus minimizing the risk of being infected by the COVID-19 disease.

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