Where Can Organizations Buy Personal Respirators for Their Staff?


NOV 15, 2020

Supplying personal respirators or masks to staff, is part of the 'new normal' obligations of many employers, especially those whose businesses require face-to-face interactions with customers. This way, they can protect both their staff and clients against the harmful COVID-19 disease. If you are preparing for onsite operations, you should begin searching for personal respirator suppliers.

You may be wondering: Why are personal respirators necessary? Won't cloth masks and surgical masks be enough?
The truth is that cloth masks, medical masks, or surgical masks are not very effective in protecting wearers from contracting a virus such as COVID-19. They don't have filtration capabilities to block viruses that spread through aerosols and droplets. A personal respirator or protective respirator is recommended because it is made with high-grade materials. It is specifically designed to filter the air, blocking particles, microorganisms, mists, and aerosols to prevent them from entering the respiratory system.

Where to buy respirators for your staff
With e-commerce flourishing, shopping online has become a norm, even for big businesses. Still, you must take extra precautions when choosing a supplier. The safest way is to deal directly with the manufacturer or an authorized distributor. You want to make sure that the supplier is verified, registered with the respective government, and has a good reputation in the industry.

Learn about the different types of respirators before you start shopping. Personal respirators can be made of various materials and filters. Knowing such information is necessary to determine which masks fit your purpose or match the requirements. Some of the most popular respirators in the market are N95 and activated carbon air purifier filter or NAS 1F.

Verify the quality of their products. Any supplier can easily claim that their products are high-quality personal respirators. However, not everyone can prove it. To ensure that the products you are buying are safe, check if they are certified and have passed compliance tests.

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