Why Businesses Must Shop for Organic Respirators before Reopening Their Gates


NOV 15, 2020

Every business establishment should shop for respirators first before they resume normal operations. Providing their staff with quality PPE such as organic respirators, should be part of their health and safety practices to ensure their people's protection. This way, they can also guarantee everyone's safety in their establishment and gain the confidence of their customers.

Among the types of masks available in the market, why should you opt for organic respirators? The simple answer is that they provide excellent breathing protection. Compared to regular cloth masks and surgical masks, they are much better in minimizing the risk of COVID-19 infection and contracting other types of viruses.

The following information explains how organic respirator works and why they are your best option.

High-level of protection
Originally, organic vapor respirators were only used in sites that use chemicals that pose health hazards. They were common in manufacturing industries where workers are exposed to toxic fumes from organic compounds that may damage mucous membranes in the eyes, nose, and throat when inhaled.

Experts recommend the same respirator to protect people against the invisible COVID-19 virus that spreads through aerosols. For this reason, organic respirator has become more widely available for everyday use. Since the beginning of the pandemic, many companies and establishments have started supplying such masks to their staff to protect them against the virus. Made with excellent filtration system
Why do organic respirators work better than surgical masks? Because they are designed to filter not only particles but also microorganisms, fibers, mists, and aerosols. They contain an activated charcoal filter, which is commonly found in air purifiers. This filter absorbs the contaminants and allergens and prevents them from entering the body, thus minimizing the risk of being infected by the COVID-19 disease.

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