Dear customers, business partners and visitors,

This message informs you that our website is currently offline, and there will be no business activity at VCARE.EARTH including stop shop / warehouse / online / distributor sales of any products carrying our VCARE brand identity (logo) and domain name until further notice.

What has happened?

Our brand identity was recently copied, with our logo unlawfully registered by a third party who is now posing as VCARE.EARTH at the URL

The perpetrator has replicated our original site in full so that the contents appear identical to VCARE.EARTH, which is an infringement of our copyright.

This is a scam URL and has no association whatsoever to VCARE.EARTH.

A further website is also a scam, with a link to the company an attempt at legitimacy. PEQUINSA is currently offering several VCARE.EARTH products which carry our brand identity and domain name, an activity that is prohibited while our claims against the perpetrator are ongoing. This is not the fault of PEQUINSA who will have purchased stock from the illegitimate source in good faith.

What action are we taking?

Like any brand, we take our intellectual property and any copyright infringement seriously and hence, we are pursuing the perpetrator legally.

We need to warn anyone interested in buying VCARE Products; carrying the VCARE brand identity and/or domain, you are likely attempting a purchase via a third party with no approval to do so by the original owners and you will be entering into an unlawful transaction.

We also want to make it clear that anyone distributing products including either the VCARE brand identity or domain name can expect legal action from our side, which may lead to fines.

We developed our brand name VCARE.EARTH and registered the domain name in 2020, and we are the sole owner of the website and all intellectual property online and offline.

If you have any questions about this matter, please contact for assistance.

We will advise when this situation is resolved and have reinstated our website URL for business.

We appreciate your support.

Disclaimer: This domain and all intellectual property is owned and managed by JTECH LTD a company incorporated in the U.A.E.